Software design expertise

Our expertise in embedded systems programming, user interface design and software migration stem from many years of hands-on experience and training.

Code optimisation to boost the performance of an application, while at the same time never compromising stability, is one of the greatest challenges in writing embedded software.

We have in-depth experience in software design and implementation gained in hardware level projects with an emphasis on writing robust, maintainable code optimized for performance and space constraints.

Equally, we understand the importance of user interface design. At Numerix Technology, we know how to develop user-friendly, easy-to-handle applications with multi-language markets in mind.

Microprocessor know-how

We are competent in all issues surrounding software migration from porting code to new hardware targets or development platforms to programming tools for code analysis and conversion.

We provide an in-depth understanding of hardware / software interdependencies. Our area of speciality is 8-bit microprocessors of the 8051 and PIC families, a know-how deepened in various embedded control projects.

Numerix Technology can also offer solid knowledge of system level programming on embedded Linux from kernel customisation and application development to web server implementation.

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